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This is surely a question we have all asked ourselves. Am I doing it the way Jesus wants me to? Am  I doing it at all?

My Collins dictionary gives several examples of the word ‘witness’ one of which is ‘a person  giving evidence in court.’ In a court of law, those called upon to give evidence don’t march up to the stand and start giving their version of the crime or misdeed in question. They wait until they are called to do so and are required to take an oath or give affirmation to tell the truth.

Some of us can easily engage  in conversation with a complete stranger and give a verbal form of witness very effectively. Others, like me, find this very difficult unless specifically asked a question. Then we should  be ready to give an answer to that question ( 1Peter 3:15).

I believe there are many ways of witnessing. For example, the beautiful music of Handel’s Messiah is a witness in itself. Anyone who has listened to or taken part in this magnificent work has surely had a witness.

Another way we can witness is to  give financial support to those who do.

Matthew 5:16 reads: “Let your light so shine among men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” This is not saying ‘hear your good arguments’ or ‘listen carefully.’ A light makes no sound but shows the way in darkness. The way we live, speak and behave cannot go unnoticed and will attract attention sooner or later.

I have stopped feeling guilty about not verbally  preaching the gospel. I feel secure in the knowledge that God is working in me in ways that I may not realise.


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