The relevance of Jesus Christ today.

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As humans we often believe we have all we need today due to technological advancements, material comforts, convenience, and economic prosperity. The rapid pace of technological development has provided access to tools and resources, leading to improvements in various aspects of life. Many people enjoy a high standard of living with comfortable homes, abundant food, and modern conveniences like online shopping and digital entertainment. Economic growth has contributed to higher incomes and a sense of security for many.

Do we need anything else? Have we reached the epitome of satisfaction? are we truly fulfilled as humans? Who needs church, who needs God right? Who is even this Jesus, is he relevant in my life today, or do we relegate him to the times and circumstances when life is difficult and we run to the closet and reach for him and ask him to fix our current problem? I would like to draw your attention to not only the relevance of Christ today but the desperate need for him in our daily hurried lives.

God created everything, he spoke and all things were formed, all things were created in and through Christ who was with God and who is God who also sustains everything created on earth and in the cosmos. (Genesis 1:1-31 & John 1:1-3 & Colossians 1:16-17)

Now humanity, being created in the image of God, was created out of love by God and created for communion with him for eternity. We know this because the bible tells us in 1 John 4:8, that God is love. His being and attitude towards humanity is love, that’s who and what he is, God is love.

After humanity sinned and fell from the intended relationship we had with God, we were in desperate need of saving and reconciliation back to God – because God created humanity for communion with him for eternity, now that was no longer possible with the direction that humanity had taken. Only a perfect and sinless human could meet the requirement to save humanity, justice needed to be done for breaking the law, breaking God’s law. We chose death instead of life.

Because God is love and his plans are to be in communion with humanity, he does not relent in his love for us. God’s love is not what we think and say love is, God is an eternal God, he does not have limits or boundaries of space and time, that already should make us realize that we know so little about this love that he has for us, also that should get us excited and long to know more of this love and this being who loves us so much.

God’s relentless love for humanity is shown through and in Christ Jesus who being God, came to earth (John 3:16) as a human baby, he lived a perfect life and was crucified on the cross for you and me. Jesus Christ is the perfect man to atone for our sins. Jesus Christ is the only man who could save humanity, he is the only one who could be the sacrifice on the altar in order to justify humanity from our own corruption.

But wait, isn’t Jesus God? so how could he be the atoning sacrifice that covers humanity’s sin and meets the justice requirement for breaking God’s law?

This is the miracle we celebrate at Christmas. We celebrate Jesus Christ incarnate. The embodiment of God in flesh, deity becoming one with humanity. Jesus was conceived by the Spirit and born of a woman, the virgin Mary. (Luke 1:26-38) Mary is to give birth to a Son who is human and also God, the Son of God who is also the son of man.

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man, he is both God and man in one complete and harmonious unity. The only way we are saved, redeemed and reconciled to God, to the original plan of God for humanity (loving communion with God for eternity) is to be found in Christ. This means to believe and trust that Jesus Christ is the begotten son of God who died for us on the cross and was raised on the third day by God and was lifted up to heaven to sit on the right hand of Glory. We must believe and live our lives trusting this truth and preparing for his return.

We need Christ because he took our sins upon himself and died instead of us, Christ is us, he represents us. Everything that Christ did, he did for humanity, he did it for you and me. Christ was born as a human baby conceived by the Spirit; he lived a perfect life, he was baptized for us, he was crucified and died for us. God raised him up and he ascended to heaven for us. Christ gave us the Holy Spirit to empower us, to fill us with himself, to lead us unto all truth. Jesus fills us with his Spirit to live a life worthy of his calling. He also gives us a mandate to love others and to preach the gospel in his name.

Jesus promised us that he will return to take us to be with him in John 14. We need Jesus Christ because only in and through knowing him can we inherit eternal life. Only in and through knowing him can we be reconciled to the Father, reconciled to the eternal relationship that God intended and planned for humanity from the beginning of time.

So, no! Christ is not just relevant in today’s technological and information age filled with constant status updates and instant news flash, Christ is the sustainer of the life we live, Jesus Christ is the very air we breathe, for in him we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28) apart from him, we can do nothing!


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